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What is a workshop? 

One of our companies’ passions, and mission, is to educate!


When are we truly taught the information that we need? We are taught in high school and college all the things that we likely truly won’t every need. Very few professions truly need to know trigonometry. But every single person needs to understand basic finances! Why aren’t we taught this? We don’t have that answer, but we can help educate!


From time to time, we hold workshops that help educate. Some of these are free and some have a small cost. But each of these classes are truly valuable. 


Most of our workshops are available online via zoom and some are in person in our local area. We often hold events at churches and other public areas, and we love to provide lunch in learns for our referral partners. If you ever want us to come and do education training, please reach out. We love this and education is our passion!

Available Workshops


  • Women's Financial & Budgeting Workshop

    • This workshop covers the psychology (emotions, feelings, attitudes and behaviors towards money) budgeting & debt help. 

    • This will be 100% online course via zoom

    • Class starts on Monday June 13th at 6pm EST

    • FREE


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