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Secured Credit Cards

What is a secured credit card?

  • A secured credit card requires a cash collateral deposit that becomes the credit line for that account. For example, if you put $250 in to that account, you can charge up to $250.

  • If and when a cardholder does not make their regular payments on a secured credit card, the card issuer can choose to use the funds held in the security deposit to cover the defaulted amounts.

    • Should this occur, how the funds in the security deposit savings account are used can vary between cards and card issuers.

    • Be advised that late pays will be added to your credit report should you not make a payment on time - even if they take the funds out of your deposit. This will DRASTICALLY lower your credit score!

  • Great news is this will help your credit score if you:​​

    • Keep your balance under 30% utilization​

    • Make your payments on time

  • They do report to all 3 credit bureaus

  • If you have little to no credit a regular unsecured credit card can be hard to approved for. 

  • This builder card is a great secured credit card with no credit requirements except you cannot be in an active bankruptcy with the courts

Secured Credit Card Suggestions


Click here to apply for the above listed Secured Credit Card. 


Can I get a secured card somewhere else?

  • Of course you can! 
  • We just recommend knowing that they report to all 3 bureaus. 
    • If they don',t it won't impact the credit bureaus that they do not report to​
    • Since this costs you some money up front as a deposit, we don't want to see you waste your money!
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