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Detailed Analysis

What happens before I'm a client?

  • Before you even become a paying client, we will give you a detailed credit analysis. 
  • As soon as we receive your credentials for your credit report, we will be able to send you your analysis
  • This detailed report is more like an audit. 
  • We will show you exactly what is hurting your score today and what needs to happen to get you bankable

What's in the analysis?

  • We will go through your credit report with a fine tooth comb
  • Just like your tax preparer looks through your file thoroughly to save your money, we look through your file to find errors, harmful accounts, and missing items that you need
  • We will give you a detailed audit of your credit card balances and let you know if they are hurting you or not

How do I receive the analysis?

  • You will receive the detailed analysis in your email once we are able to complete that. 
  • This will arrive before your coaching call
  • A few minutes before your coaching call you will also receive a pre-recorded video specific to you and your credit profile. This is yours to keep and watch again and again! 
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