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Business Credit Basics 

What is Business Credit? 

  • Think of business credit as an evaluation of how "bankable" your business is.

    • Just like personal credit, every business has the opportunity to also have business credit.

What if I don't have Business Credit? 

  • Some companies wind up self funding their business using various methods like: 

    • Personal Savings​

    • 401(k), IRAs, etc. 

  • But when you self fund your business, you put your personal credit in jeopardy. 

  • The reason for this, is that most of that debt gets added to your personal report and then you become responsible for it, personally.

    • ​For example, if you open up a credit card either directly under your name that card is going to show up on your personal credit report. If you need to use the card for business purposes, that could lower your credit score, depending on the utilization. If you make a late payment, or default on that card, all of that information will be added to your personal credit report, dropping your score. 

  • Even if you are able to get a credit card in your business name, you may have to be the PG, or Personal Guarantor. This means that you personally back the card and business, so should something happen, you are personally responsible. 

    • Sometimes these types of accounts still get reported to your personal credit ​

  • Having too much debt in your personal name can prevent you from doing the things that you'd like, such as buying a home or a new car

Do Business Credit Reports & Scores exist? 

  • Yes, there are!

  • Just like personal credit, there are various companies who handle business credit reports & Scores. 

What can I do to get started? 

  • Whether you have a business already, or are thinking about starting one, click below to go directly to our FREE business scan!

  • This is the first step in determining where your business, or business idea, stands today!

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