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Bankruptcy Recovery Program

Although bankruptcy can be a clean slate from the debt, the residue of that bankruptcy still hangs around to haunt you every time you or anyone else views your credit report. The bankruptcy itself, as well as the items that were in the bankruptcy remain on the credit report. Rather you paid it off, or had the debt wiped clean due to bankruptcy, the credit report will still show it.


Why do these items still show on my credit report if I no longer owe them? It’s important to understand that the credit report is considered your Financial Track Record. It reports your ability to manage debt, pay your bills on time, as well as your ability to pay back money that you owe. If you default on a loan and it lands in collections, paying or settling that loan will result in that collection being reported to your credit report as a paid or settled collection. It doesn’t change the fact that the item was ever defaulted on. Using this as an example. unfortunately just because you no longer owe the debt, doesn’t change the fact that you defaulted on it, therefore it remains on the credit report.


Just because you filed for bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you have to

have it advertised every time someone looks  at your credit report for the next several years. Our bankruptcy recovery program equips consumers with the ability to have your derogatory items removed from your credit report permanently, as we coach you through rebuilding your credit reputation and scores in accelerated fashion.


In addition to credit assistance, our bankruptcy recovery  program has  budgeting  tools, financial trackers, debt settlement course and more.

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