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Devin Kroner is with Walt L Williams and Jennifer Haynes Williams at Devin Kroner, NKY Realtor and Pastor. Covington, KY

Here’s a story:

As a pastor I work with people all the time with trouble in their past. My job then is to help them find a path forward.

As a Realtor the crossover is that sometimes people’s circumstances or, honestly, bad decisions, have put them in a place where they want to move forward and build wealth and equity in a home, but are lost due to poor credit, tons of debit, high interest credit, or other factors.

But the reality is, being stuck isn’t a permanent problem when you have the right people on your side who believe in you, support you, and can help you. That’s what I do.

In real estate I don’t really sell houses, I sell hope. The house might be a tangible product, but the hope of a brighter, happier, more secure future is what really matters.

So to that end, I seek for people who want to move forward and are stuck. They have the desire they just don’t know what to do. Then I encourage them and connect them to the right people who can help them make their dream happen.

Part of my team is NKY Credit Coach LLC when it comes to helping folks. These folks run a business that supports people and gets results for them, while also providing training and coaching to help them make the best choices in the future.

One example that stands out, of several, was a single mom of two girls who details cars. She had poor credit. She didn’t have much in savings. But she wanted a better life for her girls and a place they could call ‘home’ that was theirs. She had talked to several establishments and even two other Realtors, and everyone said they couldn’t help her.
I said it would take a little time, a little effort, a little dedication, and a lot of patience but if you’re in, I’m with you. She did the work she needed and let Walt and Jennifer Haynes Williams do their work to help her and in THREE MONTHS her situation was changed! Her credit was up over 140 points. She was putting some money away because they helped her get the right plan, and even faster than I anticipated, we were under contract to buy her first house!

Having the right team who believe I. You and have the knowledge, tools, experience, and drive can make all the difference. We can’t make anything happen if people do t do their part, but we can put them on the path and help them get where they want to be.

This isn’t smoke, it’s truth. I know it for a fact, because I sold more homes in 2019 than 95% of the 1300+ agents in Northern Kentucky and NKY Credit Coaches helped me help several of my clients dreams come true.

We are here to help. Let us know if you want to talk. Call 859-962-7978 to start going down your path today!

Call to schedule your free credit analysis 877-818-2807.

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