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Tiempos de disputa

¿Con qué frecuencia sacan mi informe de crédito?

  • Extraemos su informe de crédito cada 40 días. 
  • ¡Esto le da tiempo a las agencias de crédito para hacer su trabajo!
  • Las agencias de crédito tienen 30 días para completar su investigación una vez que abren cada carta (¡puede permanecer en su sala de correo durante unos días antes de abrirse!).
  • Tenemos que tener en cuenta el tiempo de correo. 
  • La mayoría de las compañías de reparación de crédito extraen su informe de crédito cada 45 días (¡personalmente creemos que es demasiado tiempo!)

What can we do to assist your business to be bankable? 

  • We will help get your business ready for lending

  • We will help to get your business working capital

  • We will help to get your business profile bankable

  • We will help to build strong business scores that can stand on their own

  • We will help to get you vendor credit if needed, in very detailed niches

Don't know anything about business credit?
It's ok, you don't need to yet!

  • We will walk you through every step of the way

  • We can hold your hand to keep you accountable, or you can do it yourself!

I want to know more..where do I start? 

  • Whether you have a business already, or are thinking about starting one, click below to go directly to our FREE business scan!

  • This is the first step in determining where your business, or business idea, stands today!

  • This FREE scan will evaluate your business 

    • It will review​ 150 data points on your business and immediately let you know where your business stands for potential financing, credit, and lender compliance

    • It also tells you everything you need to know about your current online footprint: 

      • SEO​

      • Start Ratings

      • Local Listings and more

    • After it has reviewed your business, it then provides a step-by-step guide how to optimize each aspect of your funding pre qualification, building strong business credit, owner's personal credit scores and your online marketing success. 

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