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Dispute/Challenge Types

What kind of letters do you send?

  • While many other credit repair companies use the same types of letters, over and over, for each type of client, we don't believe in that. 
  • Your credit profile is individualized as your fingerprint, so we think sending out the same basic letters for each client is insane. 
  • We send out very specific letters for each client that will vary depending on what your credit file looks like

How do you challenge the inaccurate info on my credit report?

  • We don't use the old school credit repair letters like some other companies. 
    • we know that the creditors and credit bureaus have caught on to those​
  • Instead we use a very specific challenge method called Metro 2
  • Occasionally we will send out hand typed letters if we feel that it is necessary 
  • Also, we may, on occasion ask you if you are ok with giving us Limited Durable Power of Attorney specific to your credit report. This will also vary depending on your current credit report.

What is Metro-2? 

  • According to Metro 2 is: 
    • ​Challenging METRO2 Compliance is a powerfully effective process of using the bureau’s own e-OSCAR to verify whether items on a credit report meets METRO2 compliance standards. This tactic forces e-OSCAR system to work to your benefit, not the benefit of the Credit Reporting Agencies. There is a massive difference between a traditional credit repair dispute letter and a METRO2 Compliance based request via the bureau’s own e-OSCAR system.
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