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Continued Coaching

What can I expect after I become a client?

  • After you become a client, you will get continued coaching from our staff
  • Each time that we pull your credit report and send out letters, you will receive a detailed message from us with updates and suggestions. 
  • Depending on your plan, you will also receive ongoing video reviews
  • A video review is a pre-recorded video from us that reviews your credit report and discusses specifics like credit card usage, new accounts, new late pays or collections, etc. It will also include recommendations on things that you could be doing to also improve your credit!

Can I call and talk to someone about my report?

  • Yes, of course. While we always recommend watching our videos and communicating with your particular credit specialist about your profile, you are always more than welcome to call and request to speak to someone!


If I'm ready to buy, how will I know?

  • Once we know what your goal is, we can help you get there
  • If your goal is home ownership - we got your back!
  • You will have a portal that you can log into and check your account 24/7
  • You will be able to see your credit scores and progress there
  • Once your scores reach a point where we think that you are close, we will reach out to let you know that we think it's time!
  • If you were referred to us by a lender, he or she will also be notified and may reach out to you soon!
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